Friday, January 16, 2015

Double Blind by Tiffany Pitts

Delilah Pelham's brother has gone missing in Hong Kong while negotiating a classified business deal. She isn't too concerned because his charming persona and shady schemes often get him into trouble. The only one worried and insistent they find him is Carl, who has a personal stake in the business and has discovered obscure messages that suggest her brother knew he was in danger before disappearing. Together they retrace his steps through Hong Kong and try to solve the clues left for them while dodging the people intent on stopping them. This is the first book in the Thanatos Rising series.

Double Blind is an amusing story that blends action and mystery with a bit of romance and science fiction. The story has an engaging narrative that remains witty and upbeat throughout the course of the book. 

I liked that the story included advanced technology with interesting consequences. The enthusiasm for the science behind the technology made it a fun addition to the story without overwhelming it.

The story has two interconnected storylines that take place in different locations. Seattle and Hong Kong were wonderful backdrops to the story. The detail and focus given to the layout of each location gave a better sense of place and movement through the story. I also liked that each setting was reinforced through the chapter titles.  

The characters were memorable and endearing with clever dialogue. I liked all the small characterization details that made them more dynamic. It was also fun to see the different relationships between the characters play out.

Delilah was an interesting contrast to Carl's character. I really liked how the action scenes incorporated their different capabilities and knowledge. The fight scenes were lively and well written. 

The promise of a cyber-cat was the main reason I chose to read the story. As a result Toesy quickly became my favorite character. I loved the way his mindset and behaviors were portrayed. His side story with Carl's friends was engaging read and added depth to the overall story.  

Double Blind is an amusing, action packed mystery with wonderful twists and revelations. I look forward to reading its forthcoming sequel. 

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  1. Agreed. People may scoff at the idea of a cyber-cat, but in my own experience reading this book, Toesy's internal monologues were so exceptionally catlike, and the entire concept of what was happening to him had so much potential in that way that only sci-fi can provide, that it really made the whole book for me.