Friday, December 5, 2014

Trembling by V.J. Chambers

Jason and Azazel have moved to Florida and are trying to establish a normal life for themselves. They should feel safe knowing their freedom is secure with the blackmail material they have but Azazel is still paranoid. She keeps noticing signs that their enemies may be close. It puts a strain on her relationship with Jason which is further complicated by their surfacing insecurities. This is the second book in the Jason and Azazel series.

Trembling is a dark, young adult story that explores mature and controversial themes. The story picks up a few months after where the previous book ended. Jason and Azazel have developed a relationship that has turned into an obsession with each other. Their courtship was immersed in blood and violence. Now that the chaos has subsided they are struck by how little they actually know about each other.

Azazel's seductive ex-best friend seems intent on luring Jason away while Jason is jealous of how close Azazel has become to her new friend. It's a very dramatic story and manages to capture the emotional angst perfectly. It wasn't a comfortable read but it was engaging. I liked how complex Jason and Azazel's relationship has become especially with their violent lifestyle factored into it.

Character development was great. I especially liked how much Azazel has grown over the course of the series so far. Her psychological distress and paranoia felt authentic especially after everything that happened in the first book. She begins to realize that a relationship with Jason will require a lot from her while her doubts continually make her falter. I liked that the story forced her to make difficult decisions and that she chose such a dark course of action.

I liked that the religious order and satanic cult were further developed. It was interesting to learn more about them and how they influenced each other. I loved that the mystery surrounding Jason and Azazel keeps getting more intense and complicated. I enjoyed the irony of the revelation confirmed at the end and that there is an ambiguity surrounding both factions without one being clearly right or wrong.

Trembling is a dramatic and dark young adult story and I look forward to continuing the Jason and Azazel series.

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