Saturday, December 6, 2014

Tortured by V.J. Chambers

Jason and Azazel are in Italy finishing off their senior year at a posh private school funded by the Sons of the Rising Sun. They bide their time trying to break into the school's library hoping to uncover evidence that Jason isn't the prophesied Rising Sun. Azazel is plagued by nightmares and feels overwhelmed by what their lives have become. This is the third book in the Jason and Azazel series.

Breathless is a young adult story. It was a fun and action packed read with tinges of darkness. It has a lighter tone than the previous books and makes startling revelations about everything the characters thought they knew. The narration was engaging and character development is great. The world building was given more focus offering a detailed and comprehensive overview. 

The beginning was dark, Azazel's nightmares were intense and it was upsetting to see her drinking problem surface again. It was interesting to see her work through her psychological distress after everything that happened in the previous book. I liked that Azazel finally confronted how she would deal with navigating the violence in their lives. She becomes more assertive and it was heartening to see her boost of confidence and determination to stay with Jason.

The rest of the story was fluffy and cute. The scenes were amusing and lacked the violent intensity established in previous books instead it felt more action oriented. The mystery surrounding Jason and Azazel's lives was given more focus and they followed clues gradually piecing together the story behind their forced prophetic mantles.

The world building was given additional focus. It further expands on the lore of the Rising Sun and vessel of Azazel. It was interesting and thorough offering a different perspective on events. It felt fair considering those events were first meant to be shocking. Though I liked all the additional history, I really disliked the compiled info dumps dispensed through text heavy dialogue. 

The first couple of books felt like they were leading up to a cataclysmic tragedy. This story releases a lot of that tension and it seemed to negate everything it previously established. I didn't necessarily feel let down but I did feel like I was tricked. The backtracking felt odd but it presents a new concept full of possibilities. 

Tortured is fun read with a happy conclusion to the first trilogy in the Jason and Azazel series.

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