Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Toil And Trouble Trilogy: Book Three by V.J. Chambers

Olivia Calabrese's chosen course of action has brought upon the apocalypse. Berserkers are ravaging the city in droves and continue to increase in number. Her faction has a tedious forced alliance with their enemies but tensions are running high within their haphazard fortress. Something is influencing the berserkers and they all seem intent on finding Olivia.

The Toil And Trouble Trilogy: Book Three is a post-apocalyptic urban fantasy story that is a fitting conclusion to the trilogy. The voice and tone are different then the previous stories. It has a darker bleak perspective with a tangible sense of despair. The prose is more visually descriptive and almost poetic. It was fascinating to watch everything unfold.

From the previous books I had an impression of the world’s geography but this story made it more concrete. The rich visual details really brought the post-apocalyptic city to life. I also liked that the world’s lore and history were focused on more.

The action scenes were more intense and plentiful. The berserkers were wonderfully horrifying. I liked that psychological stress was portrayed and depicted through the characters. I also liked that there was continual sense of tension and the possibility for any situation to escalate quickly.

Each story has a mixture of themes it explores. In this story gender roles and identity felt the most prominent along with faith and redemption. It was an interesting discourse played out by the characters and I liked that it forced Olivia’s character to develop more.

The ending itself was pretty powerful and I was stunned into contemplation after reading it. I loved the author’s afterword, it provided closure and also gave a deeper meaning to the trilogy as a whole.

The Toil And Trouble Trilogy: Book Three is a captivating and tragic read.

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