Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Stillness In The Air by V.J. Chambers

The Eastern half of the United States has been plunged into darkness. Resources are dwindling and magic has awakened throughout the world. Jason and Azazel have broken up and are now in direct opposition amongst the civil unrest. She never wanted to see Jason again after everything that happened but his wayward band of allies are blocking the passage westward. This is the fourth book in the Jason and Azazel series and the first book within the Jason and Azazel: Apocalypse trilogy.

The Stillness In The Air is a post-apocalyptic story with paranormal elements. It takes place a few years after where the previous book ended. It mainly focuses on the present timeline with small recollections from the gap in time sprinkled in.

Azazel is guilty and nervous about using her powers while remaining adamant about staying away from Jason. It's a drastic change from the previous book and the story isn't initially forthcoming about the reasons for her changed mindset. It felt odd not knowing the character's motivation as a result it was difficult for me to remain fully engaged in the story. Once key elements from the past were addressed I was able to gradually get into the story. 

Overall, it's a dramatic and frustrating read. Jason and Azazel haven't seen each other in long time but still share a dark attraction to each other. They've both grown in maturity and strength as well as influence. Being reunited forces them see how much they've changed and confront the new lives they've chosen. 

I liked how the story became darker as the story progressed. The magic system was fleshed out more and the world building was altered significantly to showcase the post-apocalyptic setting. There was a surplus of drama, mystery, violence, and action scenes. It was interesting to see how Azazel's perceptions changed throughout the story. I enjoyed reading the ending and I'm eager to see what this story leads to.

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