Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Christmas Cat by Melody Carlson

Garrison Brown must settle his deceased grandmother's estate. He's determined to honor her final request to find new homes for her six cats but his severe allergies complicate the situation. The new owners must also meet very specific criteria because each cat comes with a secret inheritance.

The Christmas Cat is a holiday read embedded with Christian messages on faith. I loved the way the cats were portrayed in the story. It was heartwarming how each cat was a positive influence on their new owner's life.

I liked how the story's setting and characters were able to give a sense of community. I really liked how interconnected the characters were and how they influenced each other. It was nice to see the main character find a place for himself within the community while reaffirming his direction in life.

Unfortunately, at times the prose felt a bit stilted to me. Character development was okay but emotions seemed overly restrained outside of interactions with the cats. It kind of lessened the impact of key moments and made the romance subplot seem hollow. Overall, I thought it was a decent holiday read and its novella length makes its shortcomings forgivable.

The Christmas Cat is light holiday read with a heartwarming portrayal of cats.

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