Wednesday, December 10, 2014

That Last Onset by V.J. Chambers

Kieran and Eve have established a utopia with their stolen magic and are brainwashing society to feel nothing but happiness. Jason is trying to pay penance for everything he's done throughout his life. He discovers that Kieran and Eve want to steal his son and are actively trying to track down Azazel. This is the sixth book in the Jason and Azazel series and the final book in the Jason and Azazel: Apocalypse trilogy. 

That Last Onset is a paranormal story. It takes place five years after where the previous book ended. The narrative is told exclusively from Jason's point of view.

I loved the beginning of the book. The initial six chapters make a strong introduction to the state of the world and reintroduction to the characters. It was intense and I was excited about the story's potential but the rest of the story has a very different feel and tone.

The remainder of the story is spent in a spiritual realm. Jason and Azazel must navigate it in order to reclaim their powers and return to their physical bodies. In general, it's a literary trope I'm not very fond of because it tries so hard to be both meaningful and surreal.

The alternate timeline from the first book was interesting to read especially since it was told from Jason's perspective. There were a few scenes that recast Jason and Azazel as part of different story motifs which were kind of fun to read.

A bulk of the spirit journey is mainly a string of situations that forces them to take violent action in order to proceed. Some scenes challenge their faults directly or exploit their jealous insecurities. They reanalyze their relationship while getting to see a different perspective on events and have to consider their future. It made for interesting character development but it kind of got tedious the longer it went on.

The spirit realm is heavy with symbolism and rehashes the story's ideology of order and chaos. It references previous books and gives them a better sense of unification. The ending was predictable but it wraps everything up nicely.

That Last Onset is the conclusion to the second trilogy in the Jason and Azazel series.

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