Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gasp by V.J. Chambers

Azazel is pregnant and traces of her magic have returned. Now she has to tell Jason he isn't the father. Imri will do anything in his power to ensure that Azazel's baby isn't born. Even if it means manipulating Jason to help him. This is the ninth and final book in the Jason and Azazel series. It's also the final book in the Jason and Azazel: Ambrosia trilogy.

Gasp is a paranormal story that begins right in the midst of the stunning dark drama. The first half of the story is told through an engaging narrative from alternating viewpoints between Jason and Azazel.

The secrets that Jason and Azazel have been keeping from each other are finally revealed. It was interesting to learn Jason's perspective and reasoning for enacting the dark ritualistic abductions. Azazel's pregnancy results in a whirlwind of drama and intensifies the threat from Imri.

The first half of the story is a dramatic string of suspenseful and violent events. It's a ultimately a tragic read that presents an uncertain future that Jason and Azazel will have to face together.

The second half of the story introduces new narrative viewpoints along with a significant jump in time. It's an eerie blend of events and influences from previous books reenacted through a new generation. I really liked the concept of the cycle beginning again especially since they tried so hard to avoid repeating past mistakes. It was an enjoyable read that gave a cohesive feel to the overall series and offered a satisfying conclusion to the Jason and Azazel series.

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