Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Between The Heaves Of Storm by V.J. Chambers

Kieran wanted to eradicate Azazel's destructive magic but accidentally stole her powers and memories instead. Azazel doesn't remember who she is but she can feel Jason's power calling out to her. Jason has established a compound and is brainwashing his followers to feel nothing but happiness and tranquility. Reunited with Azazel once again he is determined to keep her close even if it means influencing her mind. This is the fifth book in the Jason and Azazel series and the second book in the Jason and Azazel: Apocalypse trilogy.

Between The Heaves Of Storm is a post-apocalyptic story with paranormal elements. This story takes place about a year after the last book ended. It's a light read with lots of drama and violence.

Joan is the name Azazel has chosen for herself after not being able to recall anything about her former life. Joan's narrative is devoid of Azazel's established personality and is kind of a throwback to her naive romantic obsession from the first book. Her chapters give a better sense of who Jason has become while he reanalyzes their relationship in depth. Jason gets a lot more character development and has some personal breakthroughs that were a long time coming.

I usually get bored with stories that incorporate amnesia but this one keeps it interesting by adding a twist and an additional narrative viewpoint. Kieran is frustrated with having all of Azazel's memories and he's trying to find her so he can return them but he isn't sure if he should also return her powers. His chapters offer a different perspective on Azazel's magic, her personality, and her relationships with Jason and Kieran.

World building was good. Jason's compound has its own culture, values and customs that were interesting to read. It was kind of reminiscent of Jonestown but Jason's magical abilities and his struggle to maintain order gives it a different type of darkness. Kieran's viewpoint shows more of the post-apocalyptic world and society while also demonstrating how powerful magic has become throughout the world.

The ending presents an ironic twist and I'm curious to see its repercussions.

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