Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tycoon's Temptation by Trish Morey

Franco Chatsfield needs to secure a deal with Purman Wines or risk being cut off from his trust fund. He offers a ridiculous amount of money with fair terms but is shocked when Holly Purman rejects the deal. Holly hates Franco's rich entitlement and the idea of Purman Wines' reputation getting entangled with the scandalous misadventures of the Chatsfields. Franco only has six weeks to convince Holly to change her mind. This is the fifth book in The Chatsfield continuity series, it can also be read as a stand alone.

Tycoon's Temptation is a romantic story in The Chatsfield series from Harlequin Presents. Holly is a feisty heroine that manages to remain likeable throughout the story. She reacts toward Franco with hostility though she often ends up regretting being overly harsh and readily admits when she was wrong.

Franco has always been the black sheep of the Chatfields. He's used to all the false assumptions others apply to him but he is determined to win Holly's confidence. He offers to help tend the vineyards along with other various winery tasks. He enjoys flirting with her and comes to respect her passion for Purman Wines. Yet the more he has to defend himself from her false accusations the more he is reminded of the stark truth he wants to keep only to himself.

I thought this was a good read but it didn't really leave a strong impression. I loved that the story highlighted the wine making process with rich description and enthusiasm. I liked both main characters and found Franco's back story intriguing. The romance was a slow build with lots of setbacks but I ultimately liked how the story ended.

[Disclaimer: I won a copy of this book through a Twitter giveaway from @HarlequinBooks.] 

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