Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Protea Boys by Téa Cooper

Georgie Martin left Sydney with a wounded ego and a promise to never be fooled by her heart again. She returns to her family's protea farm determined to renovate it and make it a successful business once again. She enters into a joint venture with her best friend to employ a group of hired hands to create a side business called the Protea Boys. Georgie's attraction to Tom Morgan is not part of her plan and he continually tests her resolve to keep the promises she made to herself.

The Protea Boys is a romantic contemporary novella set in Australia. I loved how vivid the setting was portrayed and how it was incorporated into the story. Georgie is a competent woman though somewhat accident prone determined to remain independent. Tom is troubled by the loss of his sister and wants to avoid any form of attachment or excessive responsibility.

There was immediate attraction between the main characters but mostly awkward tension in the beginning since they were both intent on remaining single. It was amusing to read their chance encounters that were often embarrassing for Georgie but allowed Tom's personality to be established.

I thought their back stories were interesting especially how it influenced their behaviors and beliefs. They were both stubbornly intent on not repeating past mistakes so their courtship was hesitant and gradually unfolded. A dangerous situation throws them together forcing them to question whether to allow themselves a chance to be together. Overall, I thought The Protea Boys was an enjoyable romantic read and I loved how prominent the setting was portrayed.

[Disclaimer: I won a copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads.]

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