Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Housekeeper's Awakening by Sharon Kendrick

Luis Martinez is recuperating in his mansion after crashing in a charity race. Tired of the endless fussing, he fires his nursing staff and recruits his housekeeper, Carly Connor, to aid in his physical therapy. Luis is surprised to find himself becoming attracted to her stubborn personality and plain, unfashionable appearance. He offers to become her lover and show her every sensual pleasure but only if she promises not to fall in love with him.  

The Housekeeper’s Awakening is a romance story from Harlequin Presents. In the beginning, Carly tolerates Luis' playboy antics because her only goal is to save up money for medical school and provide a better future for herself. She's used to fading into the background but when she becomes Luis' lover she realizes that she also has to look and act the part. It forces her to deal with old insecurities and the more time she spends with Luis the more she realizes she can't stop herself from falling in love with him.

It's not the most remarkable story but I thought it was a decent read. I liked both of the main characters and found them more endearing after learning their full backstories. Their pasts were dramatic and dark. It was interesting seeing how it shaped the person they became and how it still affected their beliefs. Character development was given more focus throughout the story which invested me as a reader but also seemed to give the story a slower pace.

The romance also had an peculiar understated feel to it. I almost expected them not to get together in the end and I would have oddly been okay with that because it fit with their characterization. The ending felt a bit forced but the epilogue more than made up for it.

[Disclaimer: I won a copy of this book through a Twitter giveaway from @HarlequinBooks.]

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