Saturday, November 22, 2014

More Precious Than A Crown by Carol Marinelli

Prince Zahid is honor bound to keep up the friendship with the Foster family but is continually appalled by their scandalous behavior. The only highlight to each visit is getting to see the willful Trinity and remembering the passionate kiss they shared. However the playful Trinity he once knew has become troubled by secrets she can't reveal. Learning a portion of her secret he whisks her away to his homeland to keep her safe but he must choose a bride soon and her presence more than complicates the situation. This is the second book in the Alpha Heroes Meet Their Match series, it can also be read as a stand alone.

More Precious Than A Crown is a romantic story from Harlequin Presents. Trinity's family is wealthy and dysfunctional but always manages to keep up appearances. She's avoided family events ever since she was brutally betrayed by one of them. Everyone knows what transpired but no one will let her speak out or even acknowledge what happened. She's slowly reemerging from her life's reckless downward spiral and is happy to be reunited with Zahid again. Zahid was always someone she could trust and she hopes he can also help her overcome the damage that's been done.

Trinity was a surprisingly different type of heroine but managed to remain likable. Where Zahid is honest and straightforward, Trinity is more likely to contradict herself and offer half truths. She's garnered a shady public reputation but through the course of the story those rumors are gradually proven false. Her brash behavior stems from anger and deep seated grief as a result of a intensely tragic past. 

I liked Zahid's character and it was interesting to learn his family's history as well as where his values stem from. His characterization as a duty bound prince made him a bit bland in comparison to the other characters who were all given more attention and seemed more rounded. Zahid's sister, Layla, stood out the most and I was happy to learn that she also has her own book.

Overall, I enjoyed reading the story. I thought it wrapped up nicely by addressing all the main issues and I liked that it introduced the setup for Layla's subsequent story. 

[Disclaimer: I won a copy of this book through a Twitter giveaway from @HarlequinBooks.] 

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