Friday, November 21, 2014

Burn For Me by Lauren Blakely

Jaime's been trying to suppress her attraction towards the firefighter Smith ever since they first became friends. Tired of resisting temptation she offers him the bold proposition of a no-strings attached arrangement for a week. Smith wants more than just a fling and he's determined to win her heart before the week is over. This is the first book in the Fighting Fire series.

Burn For Me is a contemporary romance novella. The story didn't make the best first impression with its simplistic setup but the story developed more after a quarter of the way in.

The world building and secondary characters were interesting. I liked that there was a sense of community. It made me curious about the other characters and I was happy to hear that their stories would be in future books.   

Jaime is a reserved romantic that loves poetry and views Smith as a carefree playboy. Jaime gives into temptation for one night but wants more of the dirty talking rough play Smith has shown her. Hoping to avoid heartache and being another cautionary tale like her sister she proposes a no-strings attached arrangement for a week.

Smith is actually pretty straightforward and more compassionate than Jaime gives him credit for. He tries to express his fondness for her in other ways outside of seduction. As the week comes to a close, Jaime realizes she wants more than the arrangement she offered but continually questions if a committed relationship can be built upon lust.

I really liked Smith's character, he had sexy dialogue and some cute romantic moments. Jaime was a frustrating character, her mentality and actions were unnerving and worrisome. So while I wanted Smith to end up in happy relationship I didn't necessarily care if Jaime ended up alone. The ending would have been cute and sweet but it was spoiled by Jamie's jealous insecurities.

[Disclaimer: I won a copy of this book through a Twitter flash giveaway from @HeatherHowland.] 

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