Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Washed Hands by Jonathan Charles Bruce

Washed Hands, Inc. is a business that mediates the break up process between couples. Monica Deimos specializes in handling cases where the separation has escalated to potential violence. A botched case forces her to intervene but when the client's spouse winds up dead with all the evidence incriminating Monica, it quickly becomes apparent that this is more than just another break up.      

Washed Hands is a thrilling murder mystery with a modern noir twist. Monica is reminiscent of the iconic hardboiled detective with a narrative that establishes a witty and engaging tone to a suspenseful, fast paced story.

I really enjoyed reading washed hands. I liked its ability to present an unusual concept and flesh it out enough to feel plausible. The business structure and its operations were interesting. I liked that it incorporated a broad perspective on relationships and the different types of domestic violence.

The characters were likable and I found them more endearing the more I got to know them. I especially liked Monica's character. She's a blunt and assertive heroine whose intellect and detective skills are continually tested throughout the story. While her logical and snarky commentary offsets the perilous position she finds herself in.

The story was well paced and I liked the complexity of the different dilemmas in play. It created an underlying sense of suspense that was consistently present throughout the story. The action scenes were well composed especially the fight scenes. The overall mystery was well crafted with surprising twists and escalating tension that made it an engaging story to read.

[Note: I received my initial copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I have since personally purchased it.]

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