Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Thomas awakens upon a rising platform with no specific memories about his life other than his name. He emerges from the darkness into The Glade, the living quarters of a small community surrounded by an intricate maze. His arrival signals the beginning of drastic changes to the order they have come to rely upon. Now they must solve the maze and escape or die within it. This is the first book in The Maze Runner trilogy it is also preceded by a prequel.

The Maze Runner is a post apocalyptic, science fiction story within the young adult genre. The first part of the story deals with the main character adjusting to life in The Glade. The descriptions are visually vivid and the world building is interesting. I liked the secondary characters and enjoyed seeing the different relationships portrayed. I also liked how their culture, language and society framework were showcased.   

It took me a while to get into the story mainly because I didn't find the prominent amnesia issue all that interesting. Around the halfway point surfacing memories in other characters casts a different perspective on the main character. From that point onward I was thoroughly engaged. The second portion of the book is fast paced with increased action and suspense. It ends on a cliff hanger with unanswered questions that sets the foundation for the following books in the series. The Maze Runner is a fairly straightforward easy read with a mild tone that has some violence but avoids being excessively dark.

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