Thursday, July 24, 2014

Touched With Sight by Nenia Campbell

The Otherkind reside amongst humans in secret and prefer to remain segregated based on their supernatural class. Catherine's rebellious and impulsive nature attracts attention when her abilities transcend that of a normal shapeshifter. Phineas is a powerful witch whose forbidden attraction towards Catherine intensifies by becoming darkly obsessive. When Others begin disappearing they must overcome their abhorrence of each other in order to locate the victims and those responsible. This is the second book in the Shadow Thane series.

Touched With Sight is an indulgent story that my inner fangirl enjoyed reading. I found the interplay between the main characters to be captivating. Phineas has a lust-hate obsession with Catherine with the added intention of establishing dominance. Catherine is outmatched in terms of strength yet relentlessly fights back with aid from her shapeshifter instincts. This character conflict creates unresolved sexual tension combined with rivalry. I found their interactions to be amusing because of Catherine's wit and moxie.

I didn't think romance was established or even the true aim but the possibility was presented while also enabling me to get a better understanding of the characters. I appreciated the additional character development because I initially didn't like Phineas or care much for Catherine. They've both grown on me through the course of this second book.

I was so enthralled and oblivious that I didn't realize over half the book went by without development into the main story arc. The first portion grounds the story in reality by including realistic details of high school life. I liked that the mundane elements were presented in the beginning while steadily incorporating fantastical elements. World building remains consistent from the first book while the magic system is expanded upon. I particularly enjoyed the focus on the Otherkind culture and resulting prejudices that the main characters struggled with. The secondary characters being absent created an odd distortion to the story and there was a vagueness concerning their welfare.  

I thought the second portion of the book was intense and engaging. It was instilled with action and suspense as they finally got to confront the Slayers. Other characters set treacherous plans concerning vampires into motion. All with this underlying sense of an imminent war in conjunction with dark prophetic entities. I thought the cliffhanger ending was well executed and it made me want to continue reading the series.

I enjoyed reading Touched With Sight, it focused on developing the main characters and laid the framework for the next book in the series.

[Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.]

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