Thursday, June 26, 2014

Two: Dark Fervor (Empire Of Rust) by V.J. Chambers

An apocalypse brought on by revenants, feral reanimated corpses, has caused society to denounce technology and embrace a strict religious order with an imperial political structure. Darius has been transformed into a necromancer, a powerful revenant able to think and speak. Darius struggles to endure the ravenous hunger as he is introduced to Michal, the emperor's daughter, selected to test his control by becoming his wife. Meanwhile, a treacherous political plot begins to take shape with revenants amassing around the capital. This part is roughly 79 pages and is the second of six installments. It includes chapters six through eleven for the serial novel Empire of Rust.

I enjoyed reading this second installment of the serial novel though some story elements still seem rough around the edges. I liked that this portion focused on developing the world and characters more. There was a nice mixture of background story and suspenseful forward progression leading up to a dramatic cliff hanger.

I enjoyed reading about the society, social customs, and traditions. I felt this installment gave me a better understanding of the world being post apocalyptic. It illustrated how much technology and knowledge was lost or suppressed by the dominant regime.

I liked that Darius, Michal, Leah and other supporting characters were developed more. I'm still not a fan of Ezekiel or Gabriel but this installment enabled me to better understand their personality and motives.

In this second installment of the Empire of Rust, the world and characters are developed more while the story begins to build up towards the unveiling of a deadly ploy.

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