Sunday, April 13, 2014

Vigil by V.J. Chambers

A dark, complex romance about a journalist trying to gather evidence to expose the man who murdered her best friend. She crosses paths with a masked vigilante becoming entangled in a complicated relationship with both his personas as they pursue the killer together. 

Vigil is fun story with dark themes and an intricate romance. The story possesses inspired elements from Batman and Phantom of the Opera. It was fun identifying similarities and helped immerse the reader into the story because of its familiarity. I thought the novel excelled at taking the framework and adding a different reinterpretation that created its own identity. 

The characters were well developed and interesting. The main character’s ambition and profession were wonderfully captured. The main love interest and antagonist had incredible depth and interesting back stories. 

The prose was engaging and easy to read. The story instilled mystery and suspense components within the prominent romance story line.  The dark underlying themes and tones also added depth to the story.

The romance was remarkable in its complexity. The main love interest has dual personas that created conflicting romance story lines that were intense and engaging to read.

Vigil is an engaging story with an intricate romance possessing dark undertones.

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