Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hyperbole And A Half by Allie Brosh

A collection of short autobiographical stories accompanied by simplistic drawings that manages to convey the highs, lows, and overlooked nuances of life. This book was compiled of select postings from the author’s blog Hyperbole And A Half.

Hyperbole And A Half is an amusing collection of stories that showcases the author’s life through a charming combination of writing and art. The narrative is engaging and well written. I was impressed at the author’s ability to weave humor through stories with different contrasting themes and tones.

She recounts relatable memories from childhood, random events from her life, and her frustration over the behavior of her dogs in a way that makes each story seem like an adventure. Most noteworthy is her ability to disclose her experiences with depression and pursuit of a sense of identity in a sincere and engaging format.

The art is simplistic but despite its crudeness it manages to evoke and amplify the raw underlying emotion of each story. The paperback edition was also beautifully designed and formatted nicely creating a product with personality and whimsy.

Hyperbole And A Half is a wonderful collection of amusing, thoughtful stories and illustrations.

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