Friday, April 11, 2014

Black Beast by Nenia Campbell

A paranormal novel about a rebellious female shape-shifter shunned for her attitude, behavior and inability to settle into a specific form. She comes into possession of a mysterious book which results in her becoming the target of witches, vampires, and hunters. It is the first book in the Shadow Thane series.

Black Beast is an interesting paranormal novel that shows great promise as a developing series. The magic system is a nice mixture of familiar and different. The basic information needed was revealed and hinted at developing attributes to be explained later on in the series.

The world building had an interesting interpretation of paranormal politics, genetics, origin and social structure. Meanwhile a majority of the human population is unaware of the paranormal entities that they coexist with increasing the need for secrecy.

The characters were interesting as they came to terms with trying to have a dual existence. I enjoyed reading the internal personal and paranormal conflict that the two main characters struggled with.

The story had a strong introduction that had dynamic paranormal aspects. The story became more elusive with providing information as new elements were introduced. Laying the framework for futures stories to come.

The focus shifted to the main character enabling her to further develop as well as to establish another character. The story created a good foundation for the series to build upon.        

Black Beast is a paranormal novel with an intriguing magic system and dramatic world building that promises to develop further throughout the series. I look forward to reading forthcoming books.

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