Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mischief by V.J. Chambers

A fun urban fantasy novel about a musician set during an alternate 80’s where magic is prevalent. It contains a reimagined depiction of pixies, ghouls, and witches.

Mischief is a novel with an intriguing magic system that is further complicated by the era of the 80’s. Pixies aren't cute fairies but masters of illusion content with blending with society except for the few that want to destroy all humans.

Black pixies feed on the flesh of humans while ghouls need to feed on the dead flesh of humans. Meanwhile humans have established a police force to eradicate high profile creatures and users of magic. All of this combined with witches, an ancient evil, music, bad romances, and unlikely heroes.

Mischief is a fun read with a great magic system, an interesting plot, complex characters, and an enjoyable portrayal of musicianship.

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